image of Breezer Downtown ladies' city bike


Bikes for Your Everyday Adventure. When Joe Breeze hand-built the first modern mountain bike in 1977, Breezer became the world’s first mountain bike brand.  Celebrating 45 years of design-forward adventure and transportation bikes our vision has always been to empower riders to experience the great outdoors. The ethos behind Breezer bikes was to make bikes for every level of rider. Joe’s goal was simple — to create bikes that have a light and lively ride quality. One that will put a smile on your face every time you ride it.

image of Bakfiets bike with cargo bucket

Bakfiets Bucket Bike

Bakfiets is the Original Bucket Bike. ‘The perfect family cargo bike’ · Bakfiets are made in Hoogeveen, Netherlands. According to ADAC, Bakfiets are the safest way to transport children on a bike. Easy to control, comes with or without electric assist.

image of Vans Big Ripper bike by SE Bikes


The first rider-owned company, SE Racing, is a major force in the BMX industry.

In 1977, Scot Breithaupt founded Scot Enterprises, and soon after, SE Racing was born. The next year SE produced its first bike, the JU-6. Two years later, Perry Kramer, the top rider on the SE team, insisted that a gusset be welded to the top tube junction for strength. Once the frame redesign was completed, it became Perry’s signature bike, the “PK Ripper”. With over 45 years of production, the PK Ripper is not only the longest running bike in the sport, but it’s also the most legendary BMX bike of all time.


image of yellow Yuba Kombi cargo bike


Cargo bicycles for families and businesses. Yuba Bicycles makes non-Electric and Electric Cargo Bikes for carrying kids or cargo by bike. Yuba bikes are handmade and focus on safety and practicality.

image of ENVE MOG gravel bike


Strong, light, stiff and aero – you want it all and so does ENVE. It’s what drives ENVE every day and it’s why ENVE’s wheels, components and bikes receive so many rave reviews from owners, racers and the media.

“We won’t ever compromise materials, processes, or performance to hit a price point. There’s no lower tier. You’re not buying a brand name or an image, you’re buying engineered excellence. If it says ENVE, it’s because it’s the very best it can be.”


Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2009. Reid Bikes are cost-effective, comfortable, and eco-friendly.  We carry a selection of the Ladies Classic 7 Speed city bikes and Ladies Classic e-bikes.

image of red Tuesday August 1 beach cruiser


Tuesday Cycles are easy and intuitive to hop on and go. With a variety of sizes and frame styles, everyone can have fun cruising on a Tuesday!

From your die-hard beachgoers, to surfers, fishermen, skaters, volleyball players, and tourists – Tuesday embraces the sea-centered lifestyle.

Tuesday Cycles feature rust resistant parts and hardware to keep you rolling smoothly, even in that salty beach air.


Red Wilier Filante Bike


Veloworx Santa Monica is now an official Wilier dealer!