Stages Power

I’ve ridden older models of both Powertap and Quarq. I had no oppositions to either, but wanted something modern that I could swap onto my CX bike in the fall. Its that multiple-bike flexibility that is astounding with this PM. Picture a world where one allen bolt is the only step to share an advanced power measurement device between a 130bcd, tubeless, alu-rim road bike and a 110bcd, tubular, disc brake ‘cross monster. That is the Stages world my friend.

I ordered mine on 11/17. They claimed a 5 week manufacturing time on the Rival 172.5mm model I chose. Mine shipped on 12/12 so they beat their estimate.

I had it installed and connected to my Garmin within 15 minutes of UPS dropping it off for my trainer sess that evening. Immediate first impression: its clear that its only your left leg behind measured. Maybe that will bother you, in which case you should look elsewhere. After two month of use (mostly indoors), I am still a little self-conscious of my power balance while pedaling on the trainer. Outdoor riding and the rollers are engaging enough that R/L power balance fades into the background of my mind.

All crank-based PMs rely on some sort of internal cadence measurement to calculate power, and most of them also report this cadence figure up to your Garmin. I will say that I am not impressed with the Stages cadence measurement. It is a bit slow to react (must be averaging over a time interval), and it seems to favor certain numbers (I am forever jumping between 91 and 96 RPM, very rarely in between). Stages uses an accelerometer to perform cadence measurement, much like the newest Quarqs. Older Quarqs had a bb-mounted magnet for cadence, which provide nicer measurement.

So far so good with the Stages. It is an elegantly simple power meter. However, as it turned out, my unit was shipped with a crack in the plastic housing of the computery bits (others shared my experience, it seems a bad batch went out around the end of the year). After my initial trainer session, ride #2 was outdoors in the ever-moist Seattle. On day 3, I went to turn on my PM and — dead, kaput, no bueno. I popped open the battery cover to find some Seattle moisture inside the housing.

I emailed their customer service on 12/28 and they replied on the 30th, not bad for a holiday week. They overnighted me a replacement on the same day, and since then I’ve had no issues.

I award 9/10 on product design (did I mention its easy to install?), 7/10 on data measurement (left-leg only, and subpar cadence), and 8/10 on customer service (quick turnaround, but shipping faulty units?). But more importantly than these ratings, is the fact that Stages is the democratization of power; it is to power profiling what the Edge 500 was to GPS tracking. Get ready to start talking FTP with the Fred who just tagged on the back of your team ride.


The retail world is filled with cookie cutter style shops. Veloworx is a cut above. You get high quality brands with a proven track record. There are 30 years of cycling knowledge behind our doors! Everything from fit and training advice to equipment choice, plus full repair and service for any bicycle. Grab a coffee and let’s talk shop!


Come in to the shop to see close out specials on bikes and components with unbeatable prices.



“Veloworx owner Sukeon is a meticulous mechanic and one of the very few people in whose hands I trust leaving my precious bike. He is also very knowledgeable about all the latest technology and can discuss the pro’s and con’s when you’re making buying decisions. He most definitely does not just try to sell you the ‘latest and greatest’.  I whole heartedly recommend the shop!”
Eddie K, Palms

Great bike shop. I live in New York and a couple of times a year (usu in winter) I head to LA to train. This year a local rider in LA suggested I ship my bike to Veloworx in advance of my trip. I needed some light work done (a new spoke, wheel truing) and the bike reassembled. When I got to LA the bike was in tip top shape and ready to go for a very modest price. They even let me store my over-sized shipping box in the store during my week of riding in LA. When it came time to head back cross country, I stopped in to the store and was set up with tape and ties to pack the bike. Super friendly, no nonsense, and these guys definitely know road bikes. I don’t ride a cruiser, so I can’t speak to that part of their business, but I can say that if you are a roadie or a racer, you’ll feel well taken care of. Heard very good things about the mechanics here too.
Wayne J, NYC, NY

The Bike mechanics here are as good as they get. I had a strange metal on metal clicking/grinding sound coming from what I thought was my bottom bracket. Took it in and a super helpful salesman took my bike for a test ride to hear for himself, then tuned it up and fixed the noise. I’m ecstatic. I thought I needed a new frame, turned out a tiny bolt in the carbon rear triangle was loose and making my life miserable.

The store stocks top shelf road gear as well as some cruisers, but the mechanical staff is what really stood out. Helen’s and Performance could not fix my problems, Veloworx could. A+.
Ken T, Santa Monica

I just started riding a bike seriously about 8 months ago after a buddy of mine dared me to try a triathlon.  In short, I have fallen in love with biking.  The only problem was that I knew NOTHING about bikes… in terms of a proper fit, maintenance, etc.  Over the last 8 months, I have been to nearly EVERY bike store in LA seeking expertise… and, quite frankly… it has been incredibly frustrating.  That was until I met the gang at Veloworx.  The service, expertise and experience is second to none.  In my humble opinion, it’s the BEST bike shop in LA.   These guys will work with you to give you the best deal available… and I have gotten some great ones at that.  Do yourself a favor and visit these guys.
Chris G, Santa Monica

Great service.  I was looking for a pair of cycling shoes for my hard-to-fit feet.  The owner Sukeon took his time with me and I ended up very satisfied ( Shimano R300’s ).  His prices aren’t rock bottom but they’re fair and the service he gives makes it worth it.
Stephan E, Los Angeles


Bike Fit

Not sure about how your new bike should fit or if your existing bike is set up correctly? We’ve got you covered. We’ll put you and your bike on one of our trainers or use our fit bike to dial you into a comfortable efficient position. Nothing will increase your riding enjoyment or performance like a perfectly fit bike. Call to make an appointment, 310-584-9797.



At Veloworx we only sell products we believe in. Every component we sell is chosen for it’s performance and durability. We have a huge selection of small parts that you just can not find at other shops.

Let’s not forget about your on the bike wardrobe. We offer outstanding clothing from Pearl Izumi and Nalini . We can set you up with a great pedal and shoe combo complete with personalized cleat positioning. And please wear your helmet! Choose a cool lid from Laser, Abus or POC.

If you like one on one service with a relaxed atmosphere then Veloworx is your shop. We want to get you riding and keep you riding for years to come. Cycling is our lifestyle, come in and see for yourself.

Selected brands we carry:

Campagnolo Brooks Continental
Shimano Wahoo Vittoria
SRAM Thule Panaracer
PRO Knog Skratch Nutrition
Easton Fizik SiS
3T Lezyne Selle SMP
And many more.



Our shop is built on the idea that good service is more important than anything else. The fact is that parts wear out, things break, and that new bike doesn’t stay new if not properly maintained. By all means, go out there and ride your bike hard. Get it dirty. Push yourself and your bike. But treat your bike right, too. We love bikes and know what it takes to keep them working at their best. We have the best mechanics in town and many pros will only bring their bikes us when they are in LA. We can often turn your bike around the same day you drop it off. Come by and talk to us, we will get your bike fixed right.

Lifetime Service with Purchase

We love to take care of the bikes we sell. So if you hear a weird noise or it just isn’t shifting right bring it back and we will adjust it for FREE.

Need a repair done right the first time? Whether its a new bike built or a rebuild on an existing bike or a hand-built wheelsets,Veloworx offers the best service and repairs period. We take our bikes as seriously as you take yours, we wouldn’t trust them to kids with part time jobs so why should you?

We will take meticulous care of your bike and have it ready in a timely manner. Most repairs can be done in a couple of days or less.



Veloworx is a full service independent bicycle shop located in Santa Monica, California. We are a mile from the coast with some of the best road riding in the country and 4 miles from the Santa Monica Mountains with equally awesome mountain biking. There is no better place to be for cycling in the country!

After getting tired of the large chains and discount stores’ lack of personal attention, we felt there was a strong need to open a boutique bike shop on the west side. With that vision always in sight we created Veloworx. We opened in January of 2003 and a strong grass-roots buzz has been growing ever since. We specialized in high end products and boutique items that you may not find in other shops, as well as being your friendly neighborhood family store. We have an expert staff with knowledge in all aspects of cycling whether it be road, track, mountain or anything else you can do on two wheels. Personal service is what we do best. We have the best mechanics in town and many times can have your bike serviced the same day you drop it off. We can also track down any part or accessory you may want.

We are located at 3106 Lincoln Blvd at the edge of Venice in Santa Monica. Our phone number is 310.584.9797.

We are open Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 AM to 5:00PM.  We are closed on Monday.

We look forward to helping you with your bike soon.