Our shop is built on the idea that good service is more important than anything else. The fact is that parts wear out, things break, and that new bike doesn’t stay new if not properly maintained. By all means, go out there and ride your bike hard. Get it dirty. Push yourself and your bike. But treat your bike right, too. We love bikes and know what it takes to keep them working at their best. We have the best mechanics in town and many pros will only bring their bikes us when they are in LA. We can often turn your bike around the same day you drop it off. Come by and talk to us, we will get your bike fixed right.

Lifetime Service with Purchase

We love to take care of the bikes we sell. So if you hear a weird noise or it just isn’t shifting right bring it back and we will adjust it for FREE.

Need a repair done right the first time? Whether its a new bike built or a rebuild on an existing bike or a hand-built wheelsets,Veloworx offers the best service and repairs period. We take our bikes as seriously as you take yours, we wouldn’t trust them to kids with part time jobs so why should you?

We will take meticulous care of your bike and have it ready in a timely manner. Most repairs can be done in a couple of days or less.