Stock and custom hand-made Italian carbon bicycles — for less than the price of most high-end off the rack bikes.

The Sarto Workshop has been making custom bicycles for over 30 years. As the first company in Italy to specialize in the production of tube-to-tube carbon fiber frames, Sarto is proud that every aspect of the process is controlled in-house, from inspecting and mitering the tubes to painting the finished frame. A finely-tuned team of 15 young and old specialists produces over 2500 hand-made frames per year.

Antonio Sarto, the family patriarch and undisputed head of the shop, is eighty-two years old, but he is still the first one to arrive at the workshop each morning. “I have been building bicycles since I was 17,” he says. “I don’t know what else I would do if I didn’t come to work.”